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What's『Environmental Hormone』?

Environmental Hormone also known as Endocrine Disrupters are exogenous endocrine disrupting substance and micro-chemicals that exist in the environment. They usually are taken into life form via the food-chain reaction, and affect the content of life form's internal hormone by forming and sending false chemical signals. Which, will then interrupt the primary endocrine system, cause endocrine disorder, affect life form's procreation functionality and may even cause a malignant tumor. It is a critical affection especially to the pregnant-period embryos or growing infants.

According to the initial result of overseas human health research, the Endocrine Disrupters which possess the characteristic of oestrogen might affect human by increasing the probability of breast cancer for the female, decreasing the number of sperm and causing testis cancer for male. Human body comprises several endocrine systems, which importantly affect the adjusting and operating systems of every functionality of the body. As baby's feeding bottles are usually used to make milk by hot water, they are likely to decompose the substance of Bisphenol-A, which may affect growing infant's endocrine, immune and nervous systems, and cause a lifelong ill effects.