Polypropylene (PP) Material feeding bottle - Bisphenol A (BPA) Free




PP Feeding Bottle

Feeding Bottle’s New Source Material The problem of the Polycarbonate to the environment has long been a concerning issue to most countries all around the world. The substitute materials being developed so far are PES and PP. They even have been widely used on food wares, medical appliances as well as technology products. They are the latest material, which have been received a fine reputation and well recommended nowadays. Linco PP bottle Strong Points: Top grade quality: Four-drive Blow Molding Machine and fine dedicated mold both manufactured in Japan are what we using for our PP bottle. The bottle finishing is much transparent, even thickness and our strict quality control system is also far beyond other factories. Safety: Insist on using the raw material PP and the paint, which comply with USA FDA grade. Material character: The material PP is light weighted, collision-resistant , not easy broken and heat-resistant able up to 120 degree centigrade (endurable in boiling, steaming).